Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Kaya

Dear Kaya,

It must have been scary being captured. You were brave because you escaped from the raiders. If I was you I wouldn't leave my sister alone. It would make me feel bad. I hope you get your horse back. My mom made American Dolls of you and the rest of them.

The End Chapters 21 and 22

Pretty soon it was time to leave the fair. Wilbur begged Templeton to climb up the wall and get the egg sac. He didn't want to but then Wilbur said I will let you eat from now on. Templeton got it and Wilbur stuck it in his mouth because Lurvy and Zuckerman were coming. Wilbur said his goodbyes to Charlotte. Charlotte couldn't come with them because she was too weak and she was going to die. Charlotte lifted her leg the best she could. The next day Charlotte died.
Back at the barn Wilbur took good care of the baby spiders all winter. Then, it was spring. All the new babies were born. It was fun. Pretty soon all the baby spiders were floating away on silk! Wilbur shouted Where are you going? But 3 of the spiders stayed. One of them was named Joy the second Aranea the third Nellie. It almost made me cry. I bet Wilbur felt sad and glad at the same time. That is the way I felt.
The End.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chapters 19 and 20 almost done

The next morning Charlotte told Wilbur what she was making. Wilbur asked if it was a play thing. No way said Charlotte. Then Wilbur asked if there was eggs in it. Charlotte said yes. It was her Egg Sac. Charlotte said there was five hundred and fourteen. Wilbur was amazed! Charlotte called it her magnum opus. Charlotte said it was made of the toughest material she had. It also was water proof. Wilbur asked if Charlotte was really going to have five hundred and 14 eggs and she said yes if nothing happened. “They won’t hatch until next spring” said Charlotte. Wilbur noticed that Charlotte’s voice sounded sad. Wilbur asked Charlotte why are you so down-hearted? She said she was sad because she wasn’t ever going to see her children. Wilbur didn’t understand he thought having all those babies would be wonderful to have around next spring.

At the fair the other pig had an award taped on his pen. They were all really sad. But then the speakers said “Special announcement!” It was that Wilbur got an award and he passed out. Mr. Zuckerman told Lurvy to get a pail of water. Everyone was trying to wake him up and he finally did when Templeton bit his tail. It made me feel happy that Wilbur got an award because he must have felt very proud.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chapters 17-18

When they got to the fair Fern and Avery asked for some money so they could go play at the fair. They told them to be really good, don't get lost, don't get dirty, don't get overheated and watch out for pickpockets. When they got Wilbur into his pen Charlotte looked over in the other pen. There was a big fat pig. He wasn't as clean as Wilbur. Charlotte knew that Wilbur would do just fine.
In the night Charlotte asked Templeton to get another word for her web and the word Templeton got was humble. That night Charlotte spent her time writing humble. When Wilbur woke up he found Charlotte in the corner making something. Wilbur asked if it was for him and Charlotte said no. He begged her to tell him what it was that she was making but she said she would tell him in the morning.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chapters 15-16

The crickets sang the song that summer was over. Charlotte knew that she didn't have much time left before Christmas came. (The Arables and Zuckermans were planning on killing Wilbur at Christmastime). So she thought of another word to put in the web. She thought of the word RADIANT. The day before the fair Lurvy made a crate for Wilbur. He was entering the BEST PIG CONTEST at the fair. After the BEST PIG CONTSEST, Fern wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel.
The crate was green with gold letters that said,ZUCKERMANS FAMOUS PIG.Tempolten and Charlotte went with Wilbur there too. Even though it was time for Charlotte to start making her egg sac. Wilbur did beg Charlotte to go with him. Everyone had to go to bed early the night before the fair. Mrs. Zuckerman gave Wilbur a buttermilk bath! Read more about Charlottes Web!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chapters 13-14

That night Charlotte thought of another word to put in the web. The word was terrific. Charotte spent the whole night writing the word terrific. If I were Charlotte I would be be very tired. Then the whole thing happened again. People came from all over to stare at the web with the pig standing underneath. If I were one of the Zuckermans I would be astonished. Since Fern has been telling her parents all about the stories Charlotte told Wilbur Mrs.Arable paid a trip to docter Dorian to ask him if anything was wrong with Fern. Dr. Dorian said there's nothing wrong with Fern. And there's Chapters 13-14.
I am curious about what Charlotte will write next in her web! Aren't you?This book is amazing!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some Pig!

Chapters 10-12

Charlotte tried to save Wilbur from being killed by Mr. Zuckerman. And she is going to. A miracle happened in chapter eleven. The next day was foggy. When Lurvy was going to feed Wilbur he saw the web. Then he saw the pig standing underneath the web which said, SOME PIG on it. Then he asked farmer Zuckerman if he saw it too. And he did. Then it happened. The most wonderful thing happened. People from all over the world came to see the pig, and stare at the web for an hour. That night the animals had a meeting. They were trying to think of something else to put on the web. They thought of the word terrific. They asked Templeton if he could find the word terrific on a piece of a magazine. And that was a cool miracle.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Song Girls

The song girls make songs.
They practice and practice and they can do it on a stage.
They are good at making up songs.
The songs are cool.
All the people in the world like to listen to them.
All the people thinks they are nice.
The song girls names are Flacey, Kacey, Macey
The End
I am letting Josie pick her own ideas to write about and pictures. Trying to give her a little creative freedom. I may decide to change my mind!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Happy Spider by Josie

The Happy Spider

The people are scared of the spider.
But, the spider is a good spider.
The spider likes to see different people.
The kids like the spider.
The kids make friends with the spider.
The spider makes friends with the kids.
The spider and the kids like to play checkers.
The End

Chapter 9

Charlotte must be very busy because she always has to fix her web up because insects always tear it apart and she has to put it back together again. I feel sorry for her because she has to do it every day. I bet you do to. Wilbur told Charlotte she had hairy legs. Charlotte said her legs are hairy for a good reason but I don’t know why that’s why I am going to look it up. Charlotte said the seven different types are called the coxa, the trochanter, the femur, the patella, the tibia, the metatarsus, and the tarsus.

Wilbur said hey guys I can spin a web. Then he asked Templeton if he could borrow a little piece of string and tie it to his tail. Next he went to the top of the manure and THUD! When he tried it the next time THUD! Again right on the ground. Then Charlotte told Wilbur that he’s lacking two things. She said you’re lacking a set of spinnerets and you don’t know how to do it. Oh said Wilbur I guess I’m just being a show off. And that was chapter 9. P.S. Be sure to check on my blog again!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Prince by Josie

The Prince
The prince is cool
The prince is amazing.
The prince marries the princess.
He bringed the princess flowers
which means he loves her.
He rides on a horse named Charming.
He likes to ride horses with the princess.
They go to the park to play.
The prince likes to look at stars.
The End

chapters 7-8
Wilbur started to like Charlotte better and better each day. Flies spent most of their time innoying others in the barn. Mr. and Mrs.Zuckerman spent most of thier time putting up screens. Wilbur was glad Charlotte always put her insect to sleep before eating it. Wilbur grew bigger and bigger each day. Then a sheep walked by and said hey do you know why they're fattining you up? Wilbur said no. Well said the sheep they are going to kill you. Wilbur asked Charlotte if that was true and said yes. but then she said I will save you somehow. Since fern was there she told her parents about Wilbur and the animals. Her parents were worried about her.

If someone told me I was going to be killed I would really like freak out. I think I would hide. I would cry each day. The sheep was very mean to tell Wilbur that. Fern's parents thought that she had something wrong with her because she was talking to animals. Maybe animals can really talk.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Wilbur meets Charlotte.
Since Wilbur was lonely one night when he woke up the next morning and saw the friend he was wishing to see . He said where are you? Then finally he saw the friend who talked to him that one night. He was surprised it was a spider! The spiders full name was Charlotte A. Cavatica. Wilbur told Charlotte you are pretty. Charlotte said she can't see very well. Then Charlotte caught a fly for her breakfast. First Charlotte said I dive at the fly. Next she said I wrap him up. Last she knocks him out. Charlotte said she eats anthing careless enough to get caught in her web.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Story By Josie

Fairy Princess

The Princess
by Josie B.

The princess is fun.
The princess is cool.
The princess is pretty.
The princess is amazing.

The princess sleeps in a royal red bed.
During the day she plays on the swingset.
She sleeps in a castle that looks like crystal.
The castle's color is silver.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Charlotte's Web

The first book I am going to read is Charlotte's Web. By E.B White.I can't believe that Fern's father was going to kill the runt pig. Fern tried to stop her father. Then they had a little fight. Finally Fern's father said she could have it.

Fern loved the pig very much. They did lots of things together. Fern treated him like a doll. Fern loved to sleep with him and play with him in the stroller. Soon Fern had to go to school. As her teacher asked her a question Fern said Wilbur because she was thinking of a name for the pig.

That was chapters 1-4.

Monday, August 18, 2008

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