Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is our conversation after reading Kirsten Learns a Lesson. Kirsten is "a pioneer of strength and spirit who settles on the frontier" 1854.
Kirsten said at one point in the story she missed home. Where was home for Kirsten?
Josie: In Sweden.
What is someone called that moves from one country to another looking for a better life?
Josie: An immigrant.
Would you be afraid to introduce yourself in front of the class like Kirsten was?
Josie: no
Georgia: no
Why do you think Kirsten was so nervous?
Because it was her first time at school, and it was a new teacher and she doesn't speak English well.
Marta was best friends with Kirsten. When she got sick on the Eagle (the ship that brought her to America) and passed away Kirsten was devastated. How would you feel?
Sad. I would probably stay in my bed for a month.
I would feel sad and I would feel like my heart is cracked in two. I might have a nervous breakdown. I would probably stay in my room for a long time.
In Minnesota Kirsten made friends with an Indian girl named Singing Bird. Even though they couldn't speak to each other they became good friends. How?
They left things by the river bank. They meet each other at the river almost every day.
They left things by the river bank for each other. The girls drew pictures in order to talk to each other. If it was a half sun it meant meet in the evening.
If the sun had an X on it she couldn't go tomorrow but if the sun didn't have an X on it she could.
Was Kirsten able to recite her poem?
Yes because she kept thinking of the Eagle and it helped her remember the poem.
Yes. Miss Winston gave Kirsten a new poem that was about a man that sailed on a ship and it made her be able to memorize it better.
What was the lesson that Kirsten learned?
To speak English. To say her name out loud in front of all the kids in the classroom.
To not be afraid. To be brave because she was in a brand new country where every thing was different.
Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Our baby sister Margie is super good! She is awake for about one hour and a half everyday. She dosn't cry much,only when Emmy does. Emeline has been the most trouble for us lately. We love Margie. She loves to look out the window. She sleeps awesome. We are so glad we have beautiful Margie in our life. We hope everyone had a happy Easter!