Monday, February 16, 2009

If I Were President by Georgia

George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Mount Vernon, George Washinton's home. Take a virtual tour here.

Washington Memorial
Graves of George and Martha Washington
Mount Rushmore
Abraham Lincoln's childhood home. To see a tour of his later home click here.
Lincoln Memorial

If I were President I would make lower taxes and make things in stores cheaper. I would tell people to not litter, not to use cars so much. I would make a holiday called Don't use a lot of electricity day.

To help people I would make people give food to food pantries, try to make schools better, and help those who can't read . Also I would have no junky toys in stores.

A law that I would make would allow kids to go to bed at 9:30 or later if they are watching a movie. Parents would have to read their kids bedtime stories.

Jokes for President's Day

Which President had the biggest family?
George Washington because he was the Father of our Country.

Why do pictures of George Washington always show him standing?
Because he would never lie!

Why is Abraham Linclon's picture on the penny?
Because he had so much sense!

Which side of hte White House is white?
The outside.