Monday, January 25, 2010

Justin Morgan Had a Horse

We decided to read this book because we saw it on my friend Sarah's blog.

AUTHOR: Marguerite Henry

SETTING: Vermont

MAIN CHARACTERS: Joel Goss,Justin Morgan and Little Bub

CONFLICT/TROUBLE: Joel Goss wanted Little Bub for his own but Little Bub was given to his school master as pay from a debt.

MAIN EVENTS: Joel Goss and Justin Morgan walked to Farmer Beanes' to get money that he owed. He gave them Ebenezer a big beautiful colt and Little Bub for good measure a small colt. Everyone thought Little Bub was no good. Little Bub can pull better than workhorses and an ox. He could run faster than New York Thoroughbreds. After Justin Morgan passed away Joel lost track of Little Bub. He saw him at an auction but lost getting him.

CONCLUSION: Joel found him many years later pulling a big cart with other horses. He was very sick. Joel bought him and nursed him to health. Joel wanted Little Bub to be in a parade. President Monroe was going to be there. The horse the President was riding got irretated because a bee flew in it's ear so some men took that horse away and out of all the other horses he chose Little Bub. Many people wondered what kind of horse he was. Joel said he is American.

YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK BECAUSE: It teaches you, even small things can make big differences. Never judge a book by its cover.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Song of the Christmas Mouse

Josie: It was a cute little book. And i loved it.
Georgia: The book was about a little mouse who was white with brown stripes,and was wild and a boy called Ricky describes her looking like "ripple ice cream". Ricky feeds her pancakes and corn muffins on a bird feeder. Meanwhile, while that is going on Ricky earns money to buy a new sled. And while that is going on it's time for his nosy little cousin, Hattie Lou, and his Aunt to come up for the Christmas season. So the next morning they came. And the morning after that Hattie Lou gets up at like 5:58 and gets Ricky's new sled, breaks it and brakes her own leg. Then, on Christmas day, the mouse let out a high pitch noise, like a song. That's why the book is called "The song of the Christmas Mouse". I hope you enjoyed reading this! You should read the book. Everyone enjoyed it. ***Have a nice day!***