Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reduce Reuse Recycle

We learned about recyling, reusing and reducing. It is important because animals get stuck in our litter, we could use up our resourses.

You can reduce by 1. buy fewer throw away things 2. don't buy things you don't need 3. use cloth shopping bags 4. don't get junk mail

You can reuse by 1. use food containers again 2. give your unwanted things away 3. compost food scraps

You can recycle by 1. take your things to a recycling center

WEEKS: loose leaf paper 2-4
most vegetable peels 2-5
MONTHS: cotton T-shirt 1-5
orange peel 6
YEARS: woollen sock-1
woollen sweater3-5
paper plate 5
plastic bag 10-20
painted wood 13
plastic film container : 20-30
leather shoe: 25-40
nylon parka: 30-40
rubber boot: 50-80
steel can: 100
aluminum can: 200-500
plastic cup: 250
plastic six pack holder: 450
disposable diaper: 500
glass bottle: 1,000,000 YEARS
plastic bottle: 1,000,000 YEARS
NEVER: polystyrene foam cup: NEVER
this is from the book Household Waste by Kate Walker

Isn't this picture sad. Never litter a plastic bag because a stork might get caught in it.

Other animals can too like this turtle.

Garbage can get into the ocean and hurt animals there too. Once I saw a penny in the water and animals like ducks can swallow them.