Saturday, July 18, 2009

What I have been reading (Georgia)

This book was about a young man that snuck into the Lewis and Clark expedition. He didn't want anyone to know so he hid for a while. Finally one day he showed himself and because he could write Lewis wanted him to write things down for him to be sent back to President Thomas Jefferson. Lewis studied animals and plants. They were trying to find a waterway to the Pacific Ocean.

In this book Sofia goes to America. When she gets to Ellis Island they put her in quarantine because they think she has an eye disease. She met a friend named Maureen who was Irish. Sofia was very scared and worried not knowing where her parents were. I bet her parents were very scared also.

Sofia's family moves to north Boston. It's hard for her family to start new. Her mother makes tortellini and sells it to make ends meet. Sofia has to go to school and Gabriella, her older sister has to be in the same grade which doesn't make them happy. Her teacher and a doctor ask her what she wants to do with her life. Sofia has never thought about that before. She learns that here in America you can be whatever you dream of being.
On the trail to Oregon Jedediah losing his family. He decided to continue on without them and is adopted by another family but they aren't very nice to him. Well Mr. Henshaw isn't but Mrs. Henshaw is. Every time they have to cross a river, which was very dangerous to do with wagons, he gets really scared because that is how his parents and sister died. He finally makes it to Oregon and he is happy becuase this was his parents dream.
His uncle went to the "Golden mountain" during the gold-rush. He is from China and they thought there was a real mountain of gold. When he got to California he realized it wasn't the case. They had to work hard and hardly ever found gold. They thought they were going to be rich to help their family back in China but instead they found out people were bad and stole and even killed to get the gold they dug. People were mean to him and told him he should go back to China.