Saturday, November 27, 2010


MAIN CHARACTERS:Nancy Bess and George!
(George's real name is Georgia! She does NOT like being called this name!)
Here is one thing that I like from this book!!!!!
1.Because they are detectives!!!!!
Here is a little about them!!!!!
1.They are detectives
2.They are all 8!!!!
3.Nancy has a housekeeper named Hannah!!!!!
4.Bess is good at making stuff
5.George knows alot about computers
6.Nancy is good at finding things and a detective
Please read the Nancy drew books!!!!!

Adaline Falling Star

AUTHOR:Mary Pope Osborne
MAIN CHARACTERS:Adaline,Cousin Silas,Cousin Opal,Cousin Lilly,Caddie,and a stray dog.
I thought this was a good book about Adaline.Adaline is half Arapaho Indian and half white.Please read this book soon!!!!!
Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Lady of Sorrows craft

We tackled an "Our Lady of Sorrows" craft. I dug through our scrap fabric and found some nice leftover red and brainstormed an idea about making a heart pillow. So we did!! Georgia and Josie stitched around the edge for us. I didn't get a picture of Josie. I needed all my hands to help her out. Geesh, those Ingall's girls are stitching and sewing things all the time. My girls need to hit the thimbles and needles!
Emmy asked a hundred times if it was "time to fuzz it". I had told her stuffing it was her job. Another funny thing she said about 10 minutes later was, (totally not on subject here I know but it's cute).... Well I"ll set the stage. We were supposed to have company over for a Spanish lesson. (A friend of mine from high school and her three children whom are homeschooled) Well, they called and said that they weren't going to be able to make it because they were sick with colds. I was telling the kids this to their despair and a little later Emmy said "My Spanish friends can't come over because they have snot." Yep that is exactly why Emeline!

Ok back to the subject. Here is our "Our Lady of Sorrows" pillow. I had some sparkly sticker paper that I made 7 swords out of to represent Mary's seven sorrows. (yes I know the swords look sort of like fish ??) I dug up as many rosettes to sew on to wrap our heart pillow with roses. Mary's heart is often depicted as being wrapped with roses. All in all I think it is beautiful and will be a visual reminder of our Blessed Mother.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Seven Sorrows of Mary

Here are the seven sorrows of Mary.
The Prophecy of Simeon
The Flight Into Egypt
The Loss Of The Child Jesus In The Temple
The Meeting of Jesus and Mary on the way of The Cross
The Crucifixion
The Taking Down of the Body of Jesus From The Cross
The Burial of Jesus.

sorry we haven't posted in a long time!!!!!!! have a good day!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Just some pics

Here is Spooky Boo on my bed.
He likes to stretch like this!!
Silly Jo!!! She loves posing for pics.
Spooky and my stuffed animal turtle.
Cute little boy!!!!!!
Here is our kitty!!!! sorry I haven't posted lately. Have a very Happy Mothers day May 9!!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Addy book 4

AUTHOR: Connie Porter
SETTING: Philadelphia
MAIN CHARACTERS: Addy,Momma, Poppa, M'dear, Sarah
CONFLICT/TROUBLE: Addy doesn't know her birthday and she is going to pick a day but she wants it to be a near perfect day.
MAIN EVENTS: That Addy learns how to play Double Dutch and she kept saying to sarah or mama or papa''can you help me pick a speshel day for my Berthday''.
CONCLUSION: The war is over and Addy thinks that would be the perfect day for her birthday.
YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK BECAUSE: M'dear is blind and can see better than most people. She says ''that those who are prejudiced are blind. It makes it so they can't see people for who they are.

Addy book 3

AUTHOR: Connie Porter
SETTING: Philadelphia
MAIN CHARACTERS: Addy, Momma, Poppa, Mrs.Ford
CONFLICT/TROUBLE: Addy tries to buy Momma a beautiful scarf for 0.20 cents. Addy eventually gives the money she has saved to the Freedman's Fund and now she has nothing to buy Momma the scarf with.
MAIN EVENTS: Addy delivers garments to people and gets a tip. She puts some money in a jar for a new lamp for Momma and the rest she is saving for the scarf. Momma made a Christmas dress for Isabella Howell. A month later, Mrs. Howell dropped the dress off at Mrs.Ford's shop because it was too small. Mrs.Ford said Isabella must've grown some. Later Mrs. Ford said; "Here Addy this is for you." Addy opened it and there was the dress that didn't fit Isabella.Mrs.Ford had fixed it up. Mrs.Ford cut off the excess fabric and Addy asked if she could have it.
CONCLUSION: On Christmas morn, Momma gave Addy a doll full of beans and Addy named her Ida Bean. Addy gave momma a scarf she had made from the excess fabric. At the church service, after eating supper there was a shadow play for the children. During the shadow play poppa walked in. Addy ran to him and threw her arms around him. When they went back to Mrs. Fords shop, Mrs.Ford left them a lamp instead of a candle! Addy read the note beside it. After Addy read the note Poppa started to cry because Addy could read. It was a good Christmas after all.**have a good day**
YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK BECAUSE: It shows you can show love by not giving gifts.

Addy book 2

AUTHOR: Connie Porter
SETTING: Philadelphia
MAIN CHARACTERS: Addy,Momma,Sarah Moore, Harriet Davis,and Mrs.Ford
CONFLICT/TROUBLE: Addy really wants to be friends with Harriet, a cool and popular, wealthy girl. But, she wants to still be friends with Sarah. How will she work this out?
MAIN EVENTS: Addy cannot read or write. This is the first time she has gone to school. Harriet is very smart and popular. She invites Addy to be her friend. Addy leaves Sarah, her real friend, and walks home with Harriet and her cool friends. Harriet makes Addy carry all of thier books and calls her a flunky. When they get to Mrs. Frod's shop they quickly take them back. Harriet told Addy the reason she makes Addy carry the books is because it is sort of like passing a test in order to be their friend.
CONCLUSION: Addy reunites with Sarah, and figures out what friendship really is about. Also she beats Harriet in a spelling match.
YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK BECAUSE: It teaches you what the real meaning of friendship is. Josie says love is the real meaning of friendship. Jesus says to treat others as you would like to be treated. Georgia says to treat others equally and you shouldn't have any tests to be friends with someone.**have a good day**

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Georgia!

There she is with her nine fingers.
She ordered a cheesecake.

Thanks for the seeds Margie Sue.
Daddy and his girl, Emeline.
Oohh a bandanna from Josie and a cool cowgirl hat from mom and dad!
A little buckaroo.
It was a horsey birthday!!
Love you Georgia. You are quite the young lady!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Addy the American Girl from 1864

AUTHOR: Connie Porter
SETTING: North Carolina
CONFLICT/TROUBLE: Addy's family are slaves on a plantation. Her Poppa and brother Sam get sold before they can escape together. Addy's mother and Addy escape one night but they leave Esther, Addy's baby sister behind because her crying might give them away.
MAIN EVENTS: Addy and her Mother escape to freedom in Philadelphia.
CONCLUSION: Addy and her mother reach Miss Caroline's home after almost being captured by Confederate soldiers. (Miss Caroline is a woman who helps slaves go to freedom in Philadelphia).
YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK BECAUSE: It teaches you that you have to believe you can do something.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Justin Morgan Had a Horse

We decided to read this book because we saw it on my friend Sarah's blog.

AUTHOR: Marguerite Henry

SETTING: Vermont

MAIN CHARACTERS: Joel Goss,Justin Morgan and Little Bub

CONFLICT/TROUBLE: Joel Goss wanted Little Bub for his own but Little Bub was given to his school master as pay from a debt.

MAIN EVENTS: Joel Goss and Justin Morgan walked to Farmer Beanes' to get money that he owed. He gave them Ebenezer a big beautiful colt and Little Bub for good measure a small colt. Everyone thought Little Bub was no good. Little Bub can pull better than workhorses and an ox. He could run faster than New York Thoroughbreds. After Justin Morgan passed away Joel lost track of Little Bub. He saw him at an auction but lost getting him.

CONCLUSION: Joel found him many years later pulling a big cart with other horses. He was very sick. Joel bought him and nursed him to health. Joel wanted Little Bub to be in a parade. President Monroe was going to be there. The horse the President was riding got irretated because a bee flew in it's ear so some men took that horse away and out of all the other horses he chose Little Bub. Many people wondered what kind of horse he was. Joel said he is American.

YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK BECAUSE: It teaches you, even small things can make big differences. Never judge a book by its cover.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Song of the Christmas Mouse

Josie: It was a cute little book. And i loved it.
Georgia: The book was about a little mouse who was white with brown stripes,and was wild and a boy called Ricky describes her looking like "ripple ice cream". Ricky feeds her pancakes and corn muffins on a bird feeder. Meanwhile, while that is going on Ricky earns money to buy a new sled. And while that is going on it's time for his nosy little cousin, Hattie Lou, and his Aunt to come up for the Christmas season. So the next morning they came. And the morning after that Hattie Lou gets up at like 5:58 and gets Ricky's new sled, breaks it and brakes her own leg. Then, on Christmas day, the mouse let out a high pitch noise, like a song. That's why the book is called "The song of the Christmas Mouse". I hope you enjoyed reading this! You should read the book. Everyone enjoyed it. ***Have a nice day!***