Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chapters 19 and 20 almost done

The next morning Charlotte told Wilbur what she was making. Wilbur asked if it was a play thing. No way said Charlotte. Then Wilbur asked if there was eggs in it. Charlotte said yes. It was her Egg Sac. Charlotte said there was five hundred and fourteen. Wilbur was amazed! Charlotte called it her magnum opus. Charlotte said it was made of the toughest material she had. It also was water proof. Wilbur asked if Charlotte was really going to have five hundred and 14 eggs and she said yes if nothing happened. “They won’t hatch until next spring” said Charlotte. Wilbur noticed that Charlotte’s voice sounded sad. Wilbur asked Charlotte why are you so down-hearted? She said she was sad because she wasn’t ever going to see her children. Wilbur didn’t understand he thought having all those babies would be wonderful to have around next spring.

At the fair the other pig had an award taped on his pen. They were all really sad. But then the speakers said “Special announcement!” It was that Wilbur got an award and he passed out. Mr. Zuckerman told Lurvy to get a pail of water. Everyone was trying to wake him up and he finally did when Templeton bit his tail. It made me feel happy that Wilbur got an award because he must have felt very proud.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chapters 17-18

When they got to the fair Fern and Avery asked for some money so they could go play at the fair. They told them to be really good, don't get lost, don't get dirty, don't get overheated and watch out for pickpockets. When they got Wilbur into his pen Charlotte looked over in the other pen. There was a big fat pig. He wasn't as clean as Wilbur. Charlotte knew that Wilbur would do just fine.
In the night Charlotte asked Templeton to get another word for her web and the word Templeton got was humble. That night Charlotte spent her time writing humble. When Wilbur woke up he found Charlotte in the corner making something. Wilbur asked if it was for him and Charlotte said no. He begged her to tell him what it was that she was making but she said she would tell him in the morning.