Saturday, September 13, 2014

Josie's pics!!!!!

                                                      HI ALL WERE BACK!!!!!

                                                     Peace out!!!


                                                               HAIR CUT!!!!

                                                               FIERCE GIRLS!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


MAIN CHARACTERS:Nancy Bess and George!
(George's real name is Georgia! She does NOT like being called this name!)
Here is one thing that I like from this book!!!!!
1.Because they are detectives!!!!!
Here is a little about them!!!!!
1.They are detectives
2.They are all 8!!!!
3.Nancy has a housekeeper named Hannah!!!!!
4.Bess is good at making stuff
5.George knows alot about computers
6.Nancy is good at finding things and a detective
Please read the Nancy drew books!!!!!

Adaline Falling Star

AUTHOR:Mary Pope Osborne
MAIN CHARACTERS:Adaline,Cousin Silas,Cousin Opal,Cousin Lilly,Caddie,and a stray dog.
I thought this was a good book about Adaline.Adaline is half Arapaho Indian and half white.Please read this book soon!!!!!
Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Lady of Sorrows craft

We tackled an "Our Lady of Sorrows" craft. I dug through our scrap fabric and found some nice leftover red and brainstormed an idea about making a heart pillow. So we did!! Georgia and Josie stitched around the edge for us. I didn't get a picture of Josie. I needed all my hands to help her out. Geesh, those Ingall's girls are stitching and sewing things all the time. My girls need to hit the thimbles and needles!
Emmy asked a hundred times if it was "time to fuzz it". I had told her stuffing it was her job. Another funny thing she said about 10 minutes later was, (totally not on subject here I know but it's cute).... Well I"ll set the stage. We were supposed to have company over for a Spanish lesson. (A friend of mine from high school and her three children whom are homeschooled) Well, they called and said that they weren't going to be able to make it because they were sick with colds. I was telling the kids this to their despair and a little later Emmy said "My Spanish friends can't come over because they have snot." Yep that is exactly why Emeline!

Ok back to the subject. Here is our "Our Lady of Sorrows" pillow. I had some sparkly sticker paper that I made 7 swords out of to represent Mary's seven sorrows. (yes I know the swords look sort of like fish ??) I dug up as many rosettes to sew on to wrap our heart pillow with roses. Mary's heart is often depicted as being wrapped with roses. All in all I think it is beautiful and will be a visual reminder of our Blessed Mother.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Seven Sorrows of Mary

Here are the seven sorrows of Mary.
The Prophecy of Simeon
The Flight Into Egypt
The Loss Of The Child Jesus In The Temple
The Meeting of Jesus and Mary on the way of The Cross
The Crucifixion
The Taking Down of the Body of Jesus From The Cross
The Burial of Jesus.

sorry we haven't posted in a long time!!!!!!! have a good day!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Just some pics

Here is Spooky Boo on my bed.
He likes to stretch like this!!
Silly Jo!!! She loves posing for pics.
Spooky and my stuffed animal turtle.
Cute little boy!!!!!!
Here is our kitty!!!! sorry I haven't posted lately. Have a very Happy Mothers day May 9!!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Addy book 4

AUTHOR: Connie Porter
SETTING: Philadelphia
MAIN CHARACTERS: Addy,Momma, Poppa, M'dear, Sarah
CONFLICT/TROUBLE: Addy doesn't know her birthday and she is going to pick a day but she wants it to be a near perfect day.
MAIN EVENTS: That Addy learns how to play Double Dutch and she kept saying to sarah or mama or papa''can you help me pick a speshel day for my Berthday''.
CONCLUSION: The war is over and Addy thinks that would be the perfect day for her birthday.
YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK BECAUSE: M'dear is blind and can see better than most people. She says ''that those who are prejudiced are blind. It makes it so they can't see people for who they are.