Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Georgia!

There she is with her nine fingers.
She ordered a cheesecake.

Thanks for the seeds Margie Sue.
Daddy and his girl, Emeline.
Oohh a bandanna from Josie and a cool cowgirl hat from mom and dad!
A little buckaroo.
It was a horsey birthday!!
Love you Georgia. You are quite the young lady!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Addy the American Girl from 1864

AUTHOR: Connie Porter
SETTING: North Carolina
CONFLICT/TROUBLE: Addy's family are slaves on a plantation. Her Poppa and brother Sam get sold before they can escape together. Addy's mother and Addy escape one night but they leave Esther, Addy's baby sister behind because her crying might give them away.
MAIN EVENTS: Addy and her Mother escape to freedom in Philadelphia.
CONCLUSION: Addy and her mother reach Miss Caroline's home after almost being captured by Confederate soldiers. (Miss Caroline is a woman who helps slaves go to freedom in Philadelphia).
YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK BECAUSE: It teaches you that you have to believe you can do something.