Friday, January 16, 2009

What I thought about the book.

I learned a lot about music in this book. One place I went was here to listen to taps and reveille. These were songs Louis played at Camp Kookooskoos. I also went to Classics for kids and learned about Bach, Beethoven and Mozart because Louis thought he would be able to play like them if he could get rid of his webbed feet. He had Sam Beaver cut his webs so he could play like he had fingers.

It made my heart tingle when Louis found Serena and got married. I learned about discrimination and that it's bad. This reminds me of Martin Luter King Jr. Just because people are different they shouldn't be discriminated.

Another thing we did was learn about trumpeter swans. They are rare and sound like this.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Trumpet of the Swan

With this book I had to not talk for an hour. Mom made me not talk for one hour because Louis can't trumpet. She wanted me to feel what Louis feels. It was really hard because I couldn't tell anyone anything. I also had to write my own newspaper article. I had to do this because there was a newspaper article in a chapter about how Louis' Dad stole the trumpet from a music store. My article was about a dog biting a kid.
If you read this book I'm telling you it's a awesome book. Louis is a baby Trumpeter Swan and he can't trumpet so, his dad stole a trumpet from a music store and Louis is learning a few notes.

P.S.Happy New year!