Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Kaya

Dear Kaya,

It must have been scary being captured. You were brave because you escaped from the raiders. If I was you I wouldn't leave my sister alone. It would make me feel bad. I hope you get your horse back. My mom made American Dolls of you and the rest of them.

The End Chapters 21 and 22

Pretty soon it was time to leave the fair. Wilbur begged Templeton to climb up the wall and get the egg sac. He didn't want to but then Wilbur said I will let you eat from now on. Templeton got it and Wilbur stuck it in his mouth because Lurvy and Zuckerman were coming. Wilbur said his goodbyes to Charlotte. Charlotte couldn't come with them because she was too weak and she was going to die. Charlotte lifted her leg the best she could. The next day Charlotte died.
Back at the barn Wilbur took good care of the baby spiders all winter. Then, it was spring. All the new babies were born. It was fun. Pretty soon all the baby spiders were floating away on silk! Wilbur shouted Where are you going? But 3 of the spiders stayed. One of them was named Joy the second Aranea the third Nellie. It almost made me cry. I bet Wilbur felt sad and glad at the same time. That is the way I felt.
The End.